Native American Handmade Jewelry
smokey quartz and agate necklace set
Southwest Sizzle is all about jewelry. Unique, one of a kind  hand crafted with care.   It's all about a beautiful Stone that inspires a necklace, or a wonderful design  to inspire earrings or bracelets. I use the best material for the purpose, but I also want to keep the cost down so you can enjoy beautiful original designs at an affordable price. I love the process of creating each piece. If I could keep it, I would and that's the ruler by which I measure whether it's good enough to sell to you. I fall in love with everything I make. Sometimes the design of a piece will come to me in a snap sometimes it's born from trial and error. In the end, it's a unique creation I am proud to say I made.

Barbara Roberson, of Southwest Sizzle Native American Handcrafted Jewelry